Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paint a (not so) Vulgar Picture at Moz Art

Moz Art April 16, 2013

It seems like a hundred years ago since attending this Moz-related event. It's just that it was an all-around great night. It was in East LA and I took my oldest son, Jovanny, with me since it was all ages.
Looking back on March and April and the state of things, I think its kind of sad that Morrissey seemed to be riding this wave of renewed success with the Staples Center show and then the Hollywood High show, but it just crashed down when his health betrayed him.
And where does that leave us, his fans, who were also riding that awesome wave? We are getting by. We do this by attending events such as Moz Art and seeing each other. We talk about how unreal Morrissey's last two shows in LA were and consider ourselves lucky.
They say "a picture's worth a thousand words," so today I won't say much. Just let the photos speak mostly for themselves.


I have discovered that I enjoy taking pictures of tattoos. Perhaps it stems from the fact that I don't have any myself. Sure, I could go out and get a tattoo, but it just isn't my thing. It doesn't stop me from admiring tattoos on others or else going for the old pen tattoos in their impermanence.

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