Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I Hoarsely Cry

Roland and I at the Moz Convention

The Smiths/Morrissey event at the Avalon was another great time. Okay, it was awhile ago, I know. But I have been trying to catch up on all the events that I have attended up to this point. I was glad that Roland came along. I've noted before how he likes The Smiths and Morrissey but he would be happy usually to simply just stay home and I don't think if you told him how awesome it was he'd really mind too much that he was at home grading papers. He's much more optimistic than I. He would probably just be content on how many school papers he'd graded or what a great movie he'd watched.
I, on the other hand, would be anxiety-ridden. Like a child who doesn't want to go to bed no matter how tired he is just so he doesn't miss anything.
I appreciate the fact that he came along. I even convinced him to sign up for the Moz Karaoke contest. He did a great job on "Interesting Drug." I am attaching a short segment of his song. Excuse the poor video quality, please.
We did not go alone. As you may know, I am an English teacher and Roland is also a teacher at high school. One of our students, who is an avid Morrissey fan, wanted to go to the convention so we offered to take him along with us.
A funny moment occurred when Elias said, "Mrs. Willoughby-Jones," to get my attention and I had to stop him and say, "We are at a club together. Please call me Andrea." I did not like the mixture of my work life with my Morrissey "life."
Another highlight was running into Ricardo who I met at the convention last year. I really wanted to chat with him more but I was kind of back and forth a lot. While I love Roland's company, I feel guilty leaving him somewhere in order to talk to the people I know when he'd rather do something else rather than tag along with me. So I had to leave Ricardo to check on Roland and when I came back to speak to Ricardo, he was gone.
Before he disappeared he told me he has read my blog but does not like the name-My Life Without Morrissey-because he thinks it sounds like I don't like Morrissey. Personally, I think its too late to change the name even if I wanted to. But I like it.

The convention is just overall a fun time to mix and mingle with other fans who are just as crazy or even more crazy than you. Its good to be among them.
I am letting my photos speak for themselves although if you know me you will recognize these shots from my Facebook page a few months ago. Hope you enjoy them.

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