Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Black Cloud

Morrissey clutching our "sign"

I may have stated this before but, I like to write this blog at least once a week. Well, I skipped last week. It was actually kind of hard NOT to write. I did not write because I had 160 essays to grade.

The grading wasn't hard. It was just the time it takes to do it. It's not like I don't have three kids, a cat, a new dog and a relationship with my husband to manage. (Not sure "manage" is the right term). So, as difficult as it was, I had to muster up the enthusiasm to complete them. I am proud to say I was successful.

But just when our joy is at its zenith, when all is right with the world, the unthinkable happens. The black cloud descends upon us.

My black cloud came in the form of an evil virus that gave me a sore throat and a terrible case of the flu. It really isn't THAT surprising when you remember the fact that I pretty much work in a petri dish!

On Tuesday we had to administer the mandated California High School Exit Exam-basically, students must pass this state test in order to receive their high school diplomas.  The good thing is we were out by 12:30. The bad thing-I made it until 11:15 and a substitute teacher had to be called in.

It's so disappointing when you have to be sick on a day when you only have to work half of it! I felt kind of ripped off. Cheated.

I ended up having to take 1.5 days off. Which isn't quite the way it sounds . . .

When you have three kids, a dog, a cat and a husband who is also a teacher-a teacher at the same school, no less, just sleeping off the flu is not an option. Its like a living lesson in the British ideology of a "stiff upper lip." You feel like dying but there is no time to die! You must carry on. You must never surrender.

1) Although coughing up phlegm and also having it literally bubble out of your nose, you must still type out detailed lesson plans for the substitute which keep you up until at least 11 PM.
2) Even when your eyes are at half mast, you drive children to school-even with a Niquil hangover.
3) When all you want to do is hurl your tired body into bed and sleep forever, you have to take care of all the things you don't have time to do when you are at work such as making appointments and figuring what in the hell you are going to arrange for your husband's birthday the next day!

The Birthday
I managed to put together a little gathering at our favorite Irish pub-well, favorite pub full stop-The Harp Inn. I emailed and sent out invitations via Facebook to meet up after work on Friday, hoping against hope that I would feel up to the challenge of an evening out.

I managed it okay. By the time I got to the last class of the day, I felt reenergized and happy to have somethng fun to do on a Friday night. I recall feeling that way oh so many years ago.
Roland's birthday gathering at The Harp
So, his birthday ended up being pretty good. I pulled through pretty well, I'd say.

Moz the dog: Doing well. Adjusting to our home-although he keeps trying to have sex with the cat. Poor Bonnie.

 Moz has a date with destiny (to be neutered) on March 27th. Thereafter, he won't be so keen to have any kind of "relations."

Bonnie will be relieved!

Morrissey the human: The big news is that he appeared on stage with a red rose when he performed in Columbia which is a sign to his Morrisseys World blog readers that the writer of the blog IS really him. (See the picture at the top of this page.)

Speaking of the blog, Morrisseysworld.blogspot.com is up and running again and it has a new chat feature which allows blog readers to discuss in a different forum than Twitter.

His performance in Sao Paolo, Brazil was telecast and is available for viewing. Click below to see it in its entirety.

Morrissey has also added two dates in May for Hawaii, which would be incredible but alas, we cannot afford it.

So, Morrissey has ended his South American tour but resumes touring in Japan in April and later continues through parts of Asia. 

My black cloud has dissipated a little bit.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Dog Named Moz

Introducing Moz the Dog

I met the loneliest dog in the world. He lived in the house behind ours and crooned mournfully at night. I know we live in California and he's a dog. He has a fur coat. But its been cold. Really cold at night and it just broke my heart to hear him and also to see him from my bedroom window wait all day for attention. Even when people were home, he was left out and just starred in the sliding glass window.

An outsider. A crooner. A lonely heart. Moz.

I finally had it with the sadness and decided to do what PETA suggests which is to offer to walk the dog. His family seemed quite happy to let me walk him-I gave the excuse that I miss walking my dog Maddy, who we lost to cancer over a year ago (which is true).

I took him for a long walk along the Santa Ana riverbed. I did the same walk Maddy and I used to do, however, Maddy was a black lab so Moz (who was formerly Toby) got quite a work out since he is much smaller. My thought was that if I tired him out, he would just sleep and not howl at night. 

I don't know about Moz (Toby), but I was exhausted after that walk. 

When we returned to his home his owner asked me if I wanted him. To be honest, I did not want a dog. Life is simple with a cat and I relished the peace. But I also know that I am a good companion and caretaker to my pets. I did not want to have to listen to him crying or observe his neglect any longer. Yet, I had to discuss this with Roland and the boys, of course.

Miguel was the only one who had an issue. He was attacked by a dog in Mexico four years ago and he tends to avoid dogs no matter the size. But we put forth the argument that this is the best way to get over his fear. 

Miguel is kind of afraid of the cat. Its just animals in general mostly.

Well, I need not burden you with the story much longer. Roland is such a star he agreed to try it out. So we picked up Moz after we went out for my birthday breakfast this afternoon-Sunday. 

We went for vegetarian food at Mother's Market. It was incredibly yummy and filling. 

So far, Moz is doing well. We have him separated from Bonnie, the cat, for now but he seems quite happy.

So much has happened this week regarding the human Morrissey. 

1. A number of people in Twitterdilly Arms watched Morrissey and Kristeen Young perform live in Buenos Aires, Argentina via En Vivo (live stream) together. 
2. Morrissey made another controversial statement regarding the Falkland Islands, basically saying that they belong to Argentina.
3. One of our Twitterdilly friends was quoted out of context in The Sun after the Falkland Islands statement was made.
4. Morrissey was photographed wearing a T-shirt with the words "Immaculate Conception", which was made on Twitter. Originally, it was a tweet posted by MorrisseysWorld and it was "The immaculate infection becomes the immaculate conception." 
5. Kristeen Young (Morrissey's supporting act) tweeted MorrisseysWorld. " Shattering misconceptions takes much longer thn dream & ear drum shattering. Concepts r bastards, esp. when coupled w/"mis"
6. The official Boz Boorer twitter account also tweeted MorrisseysWorld. 
7. Boz was dressed in drag and the guys in the band wore sexy bras on stage at their gig in Rosario, Argentina just after stating on twitter that there was going to be a small surprise at the gig. 
8. Morrissey once again denied being behind MorrisseysWorld blog (that's four times) and stated that it was "dangerous."

I am sure I am leaving something out. And I am merely listing what has occurred. As ever, if you want details of the above go to either http://www.morrisseysworldismoz.blogspot.com/ or http://followingthemozziah.blogspot.com/.

I do not write as much about the controversy over MorrisseysWorld and the debate about whether or not it really is him as others. This is mostly because I don't know as much about it. I believe it is him but am just enjoying the fun part of looking for "signs." I am enjoying the people I am meeting on this  journey. I don't mind if I never "get there."

I do not profess to know Morrissey well (remember he did not marry me-see my profile) but one of the things I love best about him is that he does not fit the mold. I can't imagine him doing much in an orthodox way. I could not nor would not expect the usual approach to anything. 

I wonder if the same can be said about Moz, the dog?