Thursday, June 29, 2017

Unite and Take Over

There's a new radio station in town. Well, it isn't exactly new but it's new if you are a Breakfast Champion. 

Okay, let me correct you again. It's been new for us for a few months now. But boy, did we score!

What's a Breakfast Champion? You may ask. It's a person who regularly listens to a radio show called Breakfast With the Smiths the World of Morrissey. The beloved show was on a radio station called Indie1031 but when the radio station folded a few months ago, the show had no home.

We were pretty sad when our favorite radio show was off and had no home.

We were pretty heartbroken at first. The thing is, the radio show is about more than just the music. It's actually the music that speaks to us as a community and it bonds us together once a week. We foster the relationships on social media such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Many of us also meet up once a year in Manchester for the Mozarmy meet up.

Furthermore, many of us meet up in Los Angeles (Moz Angeles) for the Moz Disco, Morrissey Smiths Nights or at Sweet and Tender Hooligan shows.

Its such a great show, however, that it was swooped up by an internet radio station called The Independent FM. The thing is, we lucked out because the music on this station is excellent. Also, in addition to our favorite radio show, there are more awesome shows to listen to. 

It's great for young AND old and I say this because I'm on the older end of the spectrum. There are some great oldies from the 80s that are played regularly, but I also like it because they play newer music as well and I like being introduced to new music because I enjoy it and if for no other reason, so that I am aware of what is current. So, for example, I may hear a tune by The Cure followed by bands like The Flaming Lips or The Drums or Cage the Elephant. 

If you are young, you can hear all the latest as well as hear some great tunes from the past and get to know them so you can carry on an educated discussion about music and even know the difference between The Ramones, The Buzzcocks and The Sex Pistols.

There is another feature that I really enjoy using as well. If you listen to the radio show via the Tune In app, when you want to share what you are listening to on Twitter you can, and you can also learn what other Breakfast Champions like as well. I guess I like it because it kind of bonds you together in the same way that FM radio used to do. I mean, everyone pretty much listened to KROQ in Los Angeles, so we all felt connected in some way. And I think listening to Breakfast With the Smiths and The Independent FM also bonds us together.

If you want to join the party, you should be sure to listen to The Independent FM on your computer but if you are using a cell device or a tablet, I suggest getting the Tune In app. Its free, but if you get the pro version (not free) you can record the show and listen at your convenience.

The radio show is on Wednesdays at 8 AM Pacific time,Fridays at 12 AM or 5 PM if you live across the pond, and Sundays at 9 AM.