Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paint a Vivid Picture

Rasmus and Oliver at Hume Lake in King's Canyon National Park
 You probably think I have forgotten about Morrissey. Look, I know I have been away for a few weeks, but forget him? Never!

Morrissey has been on my mind. But when I say Morrissey, what I mean is my interest in him and his concerts. Please realize that I am not under the misapprehension that I have a personal relationship with him.

My personal relationship is my connection to people I have met on Twitter and others who read this blog. Our mutual interest in all things Morrissey is simply what keeps us connected. I like to think that Morrissey has read this blog on the one hand, on the other, I think I might die with embarrassment at how very boring this blog can be. But I won't let myself think about that. I shall just take a deep breath and feign some pride and confidence. Let no one ever know how insecure I actually am.
Oliver and his 3rd Place Medal (swimming)

USS MIdway in San Diego Harbor
You may ask, So what the hell have I been up to? Well, here is my short list: I have been working on writing a book, we went camping at King's Canyon National Park, entertaining our prior exchange student from Denmark, swimming (all the boys and me), going to swim meets, dealing with family issues, and reading a book entitled The Art of the Personal Essay.

Friends Emmanuel and Jack jamming with Roland 
 To be totally honest, I am a little upset that I have not been able to spend as much time with Morrissey-again, I don't mean him personally, I don't want someone reading this thinking I am best buddies with him-well, I wouldn't mind anyone thinking that, but its not really the truth. What I actually mean is listening to his music, catching some videos of his recent concerts in Belgium and Italy, communicating with other fans via Twitter, etc., and daydreaming about attending the concerts in Chicago and in Los Angeles.

 Through all of this I now realize that my biggest undertaking at the moment, besides my family, concerns the book I am going to write. Its simply not going to be easy to keep up this blog on a weekly basis and write this book. I return to work in September and that will decrease my ability to keep up this blog as well.

I won't be giving it up completely. I love writing this too much despite the fact that I don't really have a huge following or anything. Its the act of writing it that I love and then of course, relating to other people-most particularly, other Morrissey fans.

Buck Rock, King's Canyon
 I also realize that I need to invest in a decent camera. My iphone takes okay pictures and its convenient, but this blog might be even remotely more interesting if I had some better pictures here. Until that time, I must paint a vivid picture with words.
Jonathan Richman at The Detroit Bar, Costa Mesa

I leave you now with Morrissey in Rome. It looks like he is wearing a shirt with blue roses on it . . . I can't quite make out. *Goes off singing*, "Action is my middle name, I can't waste time anymore."