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Headmaster Ritual

Summerfest in Brea

I've come to the conclusion that performing for a live audience and teaching to young adults (semi-alive) are not as different as it may seem.

In my teaching experience, there are two kinds of classes: Honors classes, in which the more eager and knowledgeable students attend and then you have the regular classes in which the students range from eager to nearly comatose in regards to their education. Both require the same end result which is that all kids are learning whatever standards are required for that grade level and hopefully having some fun along the way.
I think the same can be said of audiences. Of course, they aren't expected to learn any standards but their enthusiasm and desire to get "into it" varies. How the audience might be is slightly determined by the location and the atmosphere of the show.


In my quest to attend Morrissey-related events, I took my family to see The Sweet and Tender Hooligans (again) at a free concert at Saint Angela Merici Church in Brea for their annual church carnival. Brea is in the OC, so of course I did not want to pass up the opportunity to attend. 
This show was much different than the one I went to at the Fonda Theater. When you teach the non honors kids, you have to get in the kid's faces and try to woo them into learning. In much the same way, The Hooligans had to woo this audience.

At a free show, you don't know how much the audience knows about Morrissey or The Smiths. Just like my regular classes, you have the kids that are eager on one end of the spectrum, and then you have the kids that barely know the basics-in this case, audience members who may never have heard of The Smiths or Morrissey.

 I had my two older boys, Jovanny and Miguel with me and both of them thought the performance was fantastic, although neither one is a big Moz fan. The Hooligans pretty much wooed, courted and married the audience. I know that that is putting it simply when I am not sure how easy a task it was. 

I think its a toss of the die as a cover band when you throw a sweaty shirt to the audience. Perhaps, they will part like Moses did the Red Sea to avoid it. However, two people actually almost fought over Jose's shirt. I think that is a pretty big indicator as to how successful the show was.

Jose climbing the stage


I also attended another Sunday show the following week. This time it was NOT the Hooligans but a Morrissey cover band called Maladjusted. I've seen them twice at the Moz Convention but was so busy being a social butterfly, I did not see them long enough to write a proper blog about them.

In terms of audience, it was more of the Honors class. Less was required or expected of the band in terms of reaching out and wooing the audience. On a Sunday afternoon at 4 PM at a small bar, people don't necessarily want a singer in their face.

The band was also limited by the stage at the Slidebar (in Fullerton) because it has an iron railing around it. However, it did not stop the audience from singing along and dancing and fully enjoying themselves and the sunny atmosphere.

It was just the right tone. It was kind of family oriented. I was unable to drag my family to the show, but I still enjoyed seeing others sharing their love for Morrissey,

The singer did speak with a Northern accent (one of my pet peeves), but it was tongue-in-cheek rather than in a way that made you think, "Oh dear. He takes himself rather seriously as Moz." He also has a pleasing Morrissey voice. The band also looked like they were enjoying themselves which is important for the enjoyment of the audience.
Maladjusted at the Slidebar in Fullerton

Now, this show was also free. I think it's a great way to see a band you have never seen before. I, personally, did not have any reservations, but there are people out there who probably would be cautious about paying to see a band they had never seen before. 
Moz Family

Although both shows had vastly different atmospheres and audiences, they were entertaining and on a Sunday, perfect for the whole family.

Note: Although Morrissey is not touring in North America, it was just announced yesterday that the Hollywood High show will be released in IMAX 3D in 47 theaters across the US in August!

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