Monday, May 30, 2011

My UK Tour (Not including Morrissey)

Henry David Thoreau

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation." Henry David Thoreau

Will I ever get to see Morrissey perform live? It just doesn't seem to be in the cards for me this time. Again.

Tour Dates
Here are our tour dates:

June 21-July 6 ISLE OF WIGHT (Lots of family fun!)
July 7-9 LIVERPOOL (Magical Mystery Tour and we get to see Moe, Andy, and Henry)
July 11 DURHAM
July 12 YORK
July 13-17 LONDON AND ENVIRONS (Staying in Buntingford with Roland's godparents)

The only way to see Morrissey would probably be to leave the Isle of Wight some time at the end of June and drive up North. I suppose if I were a truer, more dedicated fan, I would make it happen. However, bear in mind the name of this blog: My Life Without Morrissey!

I may sound apathetic, but to go through such trouble would only inconvenience everyone in my family and cost a lot of money that we are already spending as a family. I can't do that to people that I care about. Decisions like taking off by yourself to see a pop star anywhere in England are for the single and childless. Not for the likes of me. 

If I were able to see Morrissey perform in England on his current tour, I would like to see him in Grimsby. Its the name. I love it! It sounds like the name of an undertaker in a Dickens novel. Is there a more perfect place to see a pop star who is known for his melancholia? I think not. I'd love to be able to say, "I saw Morrissey in Grimsby."

The closest I ever came to seeing Morrissey that I am aware of was when I lived in Dublin in 1990. Imagine my disappointment when I met some friends at Temple Bar as they said, "You just missed Morrissey. He was in that record shop about ten minutes ago!" as a huge crowd dispersed.
Los Angeles
Heaven only knows how close I have been to bumping into him living here just outside of Los Angeles. But as I have indicated before, I just wouldn't be aware enough to realize that Morrissey was anywhere near me.

Despite the tone in this blog, I am extremely happy and excited to be going to England at all and that we can spend so much time there with family and friends. I think this blog might be more exciting if I were to write about my time on a Smiths tour in Manchester or my experience seeing Moz perform. But I am not that sad for myself-not really.

Sometimes you just have to bask in the beauty and the tragedy of unrequited love.

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