Friday, May 6, 2011

Drop Yer Trousers to the Queen/Hair Dare 2

Tammis the bride at her (first) wedding, 1978

 All hail Queen Tammis! Tammis bravely submitted this photo from 1978 to share with the world. Tammis is the bride in the photo, by the way. She not only bravely submitted it, but also she bravely went to Martinello's Beauty College the day before her wedding and had her hair permed by a beauty school student. I am not too surprised just because Tammis is pretty fearless. She is a high school secretary. Need I say more?

Aside from the hairdos, I have to say the dresses are pretty amazing as well. The flower headdresses are worth mentioning -I had to wear one in a wedding once. It wasn't my wedding! Ahh the 70s. How I do not miss thee and thy fashions.

It has been an amazingly busy week. I have not had time to write much. I will catch up in the next day or so. Until then, enjoy!

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