Sunday, May 15, 2011

Genetically Engineered Moz Fan

Jose Maldonado. Otherwise known as the "Mexican Morrissey."
 Despite the doubt that many have when they see me, I am of  English, Irish and Mexican descent. I was thinking about this and wondered if I am predisposed to being a Morrissey fan. I mean, the English and Irish part are pretty obvious-Morrissey's from England with Irish parents. The Mexican part, well, Morrissey has been hugely popular with Mexicans and Mexican Americans. In an interview I saw he said its because he's a crooner and Mexicans like a crooner. Therefore, it was obviously destiny that made me like The Smiths and Morrissey. Its not my fault. Its the blood in my veins.

Unfortunately my ethnic mix also makes me predisposed to alcoholism but that's another story.

I live with "Girl Afraid" guitar riffs running through my brain.

Its actually kind of funny to be Mexican American and not look the part at all. Its kind of like spying on the white population so if they complain about "those Mexicans" I can let them know my background and embarrass them. On the other hand, when or if a Mexican American person accuses me of being a racist, I can just laugh.Its actually convenient in a politically correct kind of way.

Its going to be great fun traveling with Enrique and Miguel this summer in England. I imagine they will be the only Mexicans on the Isle of Wight. Apart from that, its just going to be great fun showing them around.

We finally received the paper work for them to get their Mexican passports so they may go on this trip! This has been an area of concern for months now. Naturally, we are all extremely excited to be going.

Speaking of Mexicans again, I have booked tickets to see a Smiths tribute band called Sweet and Tender Hooligans in Los Angeles next Sunday. The singer is known as the Mexican Morrissey or something like that. They are playing with a Cure cover band called The Curse. Love the name! I figure since there isn't really a chance for me to catch up with Moz in the UK while I am there, I can see a cheaper version. The Target version of The Smiths.

That is actually a complement. I like Target! Its going to be fun, I'm sure.

Viva la raza!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you! Bring kosher dill pickles!