Friday, May 25, 2012

A Rush and a Push and a Shove

The Blue Roses (Disclaimer: Only Morrissey has permission to use this photo!)
I have to confess to you that I am a total hypocrite. By day, I am a mellow-mannered rule enforcing agent of education. By night, I am a sneaky arena infiltrator. 

I don't know how I did it but I managed to accomplish my mission to bring blue roses to the stage at Morrissey's birthday concert in San Diego. I'd be lying if I said ONLY I made it into the pit, because Jazmine aka @JJMorrizzy also made it into the same area and to be honest, without her involvement, I doubt I would have had the courage or the pluck to do it myself.

My husband, Roland, and I arrived in San Diego after work around 5ish. While Roland napped, I took a shower and got ready. Getting ready was not difficult but putting on my false eyelashes was a bit complicated since I had never worn them before. I took consolation in the fact that now that I am sporting bangs (or a fringe, if you like), the fact that my eyelashes were a bit crooked would not be noticed. Also, its pretty dark at a concert. 

We ended up having dinner at the restaurant closest to our motel called Dupar's. They also have a full bar so I ordered a Bloody Mary. I like spicy BM's and their's was perfect for me. Just sitting at a coffee shop and sipping a Bloody Mary on a week night was a thrill for me. Well, for us. 

I texted Jasmine and she and Johnny were staying in the vicinity so it was lovely to see them walking through the motel parking lot. Johnny has a Man United shirt with Morrissey on the back-pretty cool even for a non Man United fan.

 Luckily on the ride down to San Diego I had explained to  Roland what MorrisseysWorld is because he would not have understood Jasmine when she introduced herself as a" Morrisseyworlder".

It was also good because he was able to understand why I wanted so desperately to deliver the roses to Morrissey. He was okay with being on his own for part of the night and he's a good man because he "gets" me. 

I thought it was a good sign that security let me in carrying my four roses. 

The Gig
I didn't even grab a drink when we arrived. We pretty much went to our seats but we ran into Jasmine again and we had decided to meet outside the arena once "Meat is Murder" began. We both can't look at the images of suffering and its a good way usually through his set so it would allow us the time to get where we needed to be.

Krysteen was playing when we found our seats which included a large speaker blocking our view of part of the video screen which wasn't a problem yet but became a problem when the pre-concert videos were shown. We were REALLY far away. As we sat enjoying Krysteen, I questioned how in the hell I was going to get down there. I told Roland I was going to the restroom and he said, "Look, if you get down there just let me know."

I circled the arena carrying these beautiful roses and was stopped by several people who thought it really sweet that I wanted to get the roses to Morrissey for his birthday. It must have looked to them like I still believed in Santa or something. Like I still have faith in something almost supernatural.

One guy stopped me and asked me if I was going to give the roses to Morrissey and he was gushing so much about it that I gave him a rose for himself. Then a lobster came along and we got our picture with the lobster. A bit surreal.

When I saw where people entered the pit, I noticed there were three security people: one distributing wrist bands, one at the bottom of the stairs and then one once you entered the pit-the last two checked wrist bands. I just didn't see any way. So I asked the person distributing the wrist bands how you get down there hoping he might have an interest or pity for older women. He said," You have to have  a ticket (duh) and he thought there may be tickets left. 

The tickets were $50. I thought, for the peace of mind and getting there, I could do that. 

I found the ticket booth and no. It was sold out. I felt so hopeless.

I defeatedly went back to our seats and watched the opening videos of Nico, Sparks and the New York Dolls. My only hope was to hop the wall from the loge section with Jasmine.

At the end of the day, I knew I was lucky firstly to be there and also to get in with the roses. I know he was far away, but Morrissey was at least in the same part of the planet, the same country, city and building. 

He began with "How Soon is Now" and the place went crazy. Not just because it was Morrissey but also because we all felt so privileged to share his birthday with him. It simply brought a smile to my face because even from as far away as I was I could sense he was in good spirits and I thought I could see a smile on his face. 

Here is the set list:

How Soon is Now
You Have Killed Me
Alma Matters
You're the One For Me Fatty
Shoplifters of the World Unite
I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
When Last I Spoke to Carol
Last Night I Dreamt that Somebody Loved Me
Everyday is Like Sunday
To Give (the Reason I Live)
Ouija Board, Ouija Board
Meat is Murder 
Let Me Kiss You
People Are the Same Everywhere
I Will See You in Far Off Places
Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
I Know Its Over
Encore: Still Ill

I enjoyed and shared the first part of this with Roland. Although we had seats, we stood up-just like everyone else on the terrace. This was a different experience than at The Shrine. Just  a totally different, more positive energy.

Jasmine sent me a text to meet up at Last Night I Dreamt instead, but it was already To Give by the time I saw the message. I thought, "Holy Shit. Jasmine's gonna do it without me!" A quick see ya later to Rols and I was off.

Panicked, I ran out to find Jasmine ready and waiting with Johnny's Loge level ticket. We got in and as we descended the stairs, I saw a guy just hop over the wall into the pit. Security seemed not to be paying attention. So I just went for it. Jasmine simply said, "Be careful!" I made it over,  but a security lady nabbed me right away and asked to see my non-existent wrist band. I had a lame ass response, "I lost it." I learn from the best-high school students! Responses along the lines of, "I forgot my homework".," My printer ran out of ink", and, " Its in my dad's car."

Needless to say, I had to leave. But now I had no "legal" way to get into the loge section to attempt it again. 

I circled around and made it into the loge section without a ticket again and just kind of wandered trying to figure it all out. Meanwhile, Moz was crooning away and I was missing it. I missed his sweaty shirt being thrown on Let Me Kiss You. Time was running out and I was still clutching the life out of the poor roses.

I had to jump somewhere so the security lady that busted me would not see me. 

My only hope was now the entrance to the pit with three security people. 

All I can say is "Thank Heaven for Pretty Girls!" I approached the entrance to the pit and the security man at the top of the stairs was deeply engrossed in conversation with two pretty girls. How they could chat outside the stage area instead of starring at Morrissey is beyond me, but I did not ask questions. His back was facing me so I just descended the stairs. 

Then the second security saw me-I avoided eye contact. Walked with a sense of purpose. He said nothing.

Third security person just watched me pass by!

I was in! I could hardly believe it. I was shaking as I hurriedly joined the crowd. It felt like I had escaped from prison and found freedom and acceptance at last.

You Have Thrilled Me
I have to say that entering the pit, I felt somehow that I belonged there. I felt welcomed by everyone because, I suppose, I was clutching these beautiful blue roses for Morrissey-on his birthday. People just pushed me forward. I barely had to move anyone. It just happened. But in a good way. Not in the sense that your boyfriend cheats on you and says, "It just happened." 

I made it only as far as the people in front of me. But they were at the rail. There was quite a gap between the stage and the crowd. So when Moz was leaning over to shake hands, he had quite a stretch. I held the roses to him, but he may not have seen them and I think because I was not actually at the rail, he could not reach. His arms aren't that long and neither are mine.

Meanwhile, I was feeling the joy of the crowd as we sang along together and helped to hoist people up on the stage. 

I threw the roses finally just before the encore after I was able to fully enjoy the last six songs. I had hoped he would pick up the roses, but he must not have seen them or simply did not want to pick them up. But they were there. I was at the left hand side in the corner and the roses were next to the speaker or PA. So kind of easy to miss when you have stage lights shining in your face.

After the encore was over and the band had left the stage we sang Happy Birthday (rather badly) several times. Lights went up and I felt so happy to have been able to make it to the pit and throw roses. I held the last rose up but nobody would take it and it was kind of wilty by then anyway.

Mission Accomplished.( Take that, George W.!!)

By the way, @MorrisseysWorld tweeted to say thank you for the roses and said "WE MUST."

P.S. Also, I must mention that Jasmine made it to the stage as well and threw a rose at the encore too-yet not taken by Moz. I  saw her friends that I met at the convention. It was great to see them.

Krystal ended up meeting the band backstage after the show and just barely missed Morrissey as he stole away on a bus. She took some great pictures of her with the band including Boz and Soloman. She may end up going to the show tomorrow in Bakersfield.


  1. Brilliantly written, I felt like I was there. What am I saying, I WAS there, we are ALL 'BLUE ROSE'.

  2. Ditto to Rat's comment. It must have been so exciting for you! I just LOLed at the lobster! What the...?

  3. I just thought of a brilliant idea. I should have borrowed the lobster costume. I bet they would have let me in to the pit. They would not have asked a lobster for a bracelet!

  4. Good blog. Lol when I read what you added because as I was reading the blog I kept thinking about the concert I'd taken the grandkids to at 'Summerfest'.(I think I told you about it in chat) It was 4 bands but the main one was 'Panic at the Disco'( note: they R big Moz fans) anyways, I remembered the guy walking all over the amphitheater without any problem, dressed in a 'Sponge Bob' costume. He was drinking beer through out the entire concert & a lot of people were buying 'Sponge Bob' drinks. He did finally get escorted out but it was at end of concert and it was for being drunk & disorderly in the mosh pit. Don't even know if he had a ticket. At the time I thought, wow, if I want free drinks maybe I should get a costume. Glad to read that you had a good time and got to actually throw the roses.

  5. Bravo! I just love that you dress up, and escape that educator label and dive into your passion, pit and all.