Monday, May 21, 2012

Assemble the Ways

The blue roses

You'd think I actually had a real date with Morrissey the way I have been getting ready for this concert in San Diego. 

Earlier this week I had my hair done by my friend Angela. Angela is from Stockport, (U.K.) and I have known her for a very long time. She is also a great  hair dresser. When I told her I had grey roots and was going to see Morrissey, she knew that, of course, Morrissey cannot see my grey roots!

 I asked Angela to make me look like Nico.

I don't look like Nico but my hair does-a brown-haired Nico.

Oliver didn't even recognize me when I came to pick him and Miguel up from swim practice after getting it done.

Yesterday I purchased a new top, a new cardigan, a pair of Tom's, false eyelashes, and two new lipsticks.

I bought a Smiths T-shirt at the Morrissey/Smiths convention but it was way too big. I mean, it could have been a night shirt. So my plan was to cut out the picture in a square shape and sew it onto the back of the cardigan I bought at Target.
My new cardigan

That was the plan--and it worked! 

Bonnie and Jovanny
My son, Jovanny, helped me out. He wants to be a fashion designer so what better practice? 

I picked up blue roses today (now Monday). When I ordered the roses, the lady on the phone asked why I wanted blue roses. I gave her a simple answer because she didn't even know who Morrissey is. But when I picked them up today (and I nearly forgot in all my excitement) the l Iady serving me, was over the moon that I was seeing Morrissey and she even gave me a free vase and individual watering tabs to put on the rose stems so they last longer. She packed the vase in a cardboard box and tissue paper so that they would not spill on the car ride. The florist is called The Enchanted Florist and its in downtown Orange. (I told her I would mention the florist on my blog).

I had to take the roses with me to the pool for Oliver's swim practice because I was afraid they'd get ruined in the hot car. It turned a few heads. It required some explanation as well, but it just made people more excited for me--either that or they REALLY think I must be off my trolley!

All day today my phone was ringing with Tweets regarding this concert and the best possible way (or ANY possible way) to get the roses to Morrissey. I am sure everyone and their dog will be trying to get a present of some kind to him. I felt incredibly popular as my phone kept buzzing with tweets and my students were  laughing when I joked about how "popular" I am. 

The difficult thing about getting the roses to Morrissey is basically getting the roses to Morrissey. I mean, we tweeted about the possibility of pit passes-which seems kind of remote right now, the other is just to sneak past security. And there is the possibility that by doing that, we will be kicked out of the venue and thereby miss the entire concert. That's the worst thing that could happen. But we HAVE to try. When I say "we" I am talking about Krystal and Jazmine and me. I have yet to tell Roland about all this--and I have stated before that he's a rule follower so he may not want to venture forth  

Although its Morrissey's birthday and all and its exciting to go and make all these plans and hope that everything turns out okay, the fact is that Roland and I get to spend time together away from children even if I have to leave him for a little while to break some rules. I know it may sound mean, but we teach school and then have three kids at home--and we love all of them dearly. Yet there is something to be said for going out and having our own adventures. It helps that we are staying over night in San Diego.

So, while I do not have a date with Morrissey in the conventional sense of the word, I do have a date with my husband who lately has seemed to be almost as out of reach simply because of the business of our lives. 

A rose for Morrissey
To learn more about the blue rose and its significance as well as read an interview with Morrissey, visit :

There is some controversy concerning this interview but if you are interested I suggest that you go to the blog and read it since the controversy is explained better than I could explain it. 



  1. I am SO excited, and I'm not even going, hell, I'm not 'even' in the USA! The whole of the 'Blue Rose Society' are with you Andy, go forth and throw your roses. Make History. Happy Birthday Morrissey.

  2. Enjoy the evening Andrea! You're a lucky woman! Hoping for you could give a kiss and an hug to Morrissey and a blue rose to! nI'm crossing my finger! P.S. I'm not involved with MorrisseysWorld, I'm just a huge fan as you! Ciao.

  3. As posted above from TRB & Romina ditto from me, although I am from the states, it would be rather far to travel to SD hopefully, he'll pick Wisconsin to tour some time. Very excited for you, hope you have luck with the roses and have a great time at the concert BTW are you working today? You and Krystal seem to be on twitter a lot today Best of luck and do the twit arms proud on Morrissey's birthday.