Sunday, May 13, 2012

Be a Star, It's Mother's Day

Me as Kurt Cobain (after death) and my friend, Jennifer, as Courtney Love Halloween circa 1997.

I am on the letter 'S' in Mozipedia. I know, its kind of a structured way to read the book, but I figured I'd both read from cover to cover as well as skip around. I think its fun to reread parts of that book. So, of course this got me thinking more about the idea of fandom and questioning what I get out of learning more about Morrissey.

15 Minute Interviews 
I know I mentioned Julie Hamill's 15 minute interviews with Simon Goddard and Mark Nevin. Well,yesterday she posted an interview with Kevin Armstrong, another guitarist/composer/collaborator to Moz. I have enjoyed all of the interviews she has done, but something got me thinking when Julie asked the following:

J: Tell me about your day-to-day relationship/conversations with Morrissey when you were working together.
K: It went from cautious to warm to nothing. I suspect the same for a lot of people who go in and out of Morrissey’s life. He’s not the easiest of people, but he’s obviously fascinating. He’s one of those creatures that one works with that are so feted for what they do. Because he’s famous… people want things from him, so there’s always a slight distance kept. I don’t know whether he liked me that much, I don’t know whether we got on together. I got the idea that he kind of just stopped working after ‘Bona Drag’ and I wasn’t asked to do anymore and that was that. I can’t say I was a friend. I did meet him briefly backstage at a gig he did with Boz, and we shook hands and said hello.

(To read the entire interview and the other interviews please go to:!/post/22918915920/fifteen-minutes-with-kevin-armstrong)

For me, what stuck in my mind is the idea that because Morrissey is famous, he must remain distant from others, but I have the distinct feeling that even before he was famous, Morrissey was rather distant from others. It seems that way anyway.

t must be a lonely existence. And yeah, why should I feel any sympathy for a man who "has it all"? The truth of the matter is, I don't think he does. And as much as it may be "our dream" to be loved and admired and look to that attention as the ideal life, deep down we know it isn't ideal. Otherwise, we would pursue that in some way for ourselves.
We can be as anonymous as we like on the internet. Even if I reveal my "true" identity, no one knows who the hell I am. It's just a name.
I mentioned in a previous blog posting something to the effect that when we touch our star heroes it somehow elevates us to a higher, seemingly less anonymous existence. The truth is we are just as anonymous as we ever were, but we FEEL like we are special.

Twitter can be the perfect bridge for star and fan.
I am sure the Ancient Greeks had a name for all this.

Not to Totally Change the Subject but . . . 
Today is Mother's Day and please dont' worry, I am not ONLY thinking of Morrissey on my special day.

I have received a new TV(nothing says love like a flat- screen TV!)

My Mother's Day card from Oliver this year:

My mom is special because: she can swim fast.
I like it when my mom: plays with me.
My mom can do many things! I think she's best at: being sarcastic.
My mom has a pretty smile! I like to make her smile by: making jokes.
My mom is smart! She even knows: 151,825 x 35,895,680 (not without a calculator!)
I'd like to tell my mom: that we got a new 32" TV
My mother's favorite food is: veg
My mother's favorite thing to do is: play with us.
My mother is pretty because: she's pretty.
I think my mom weighs: 137 lbs. (ha ha) She is more than 20" tall and is 46 years old (lost a year)
My mother thinks its funny when I: do jokes.
My mother is happiest when she: watches TV.
My mother is the very best mother because: she loves me.

Miguel made me an awesome card that said: Happy Mother's  Day, mum and I'm sorry for always hogging the tv, but I hope you enjoy your new one.

 My First Year Blogger Reflection
I realized that it has been over a year since I began this blog. Despite its many imperfections, and because of these imperfections I have learned a great deal. I decided to write about Morrissey in my blog because I knew it was a subject I could keep writing about for a year at least, and I figured if I could keep this up for a year or more, I would begin the process of writing a book. Now, I have proved to myself I can do it.

However, my book will not be about Morrissey.

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone who bothers to read this because that's the whole reason for writing a blog, isn't it?

Football (British soccer)
One last reflection regarding the league finals in the English Premier League playoffs: Miguel is a Man United fan, Roland is a Liverpool fan, and I recently -not entirely due to Twitter-have become a Man City fan. (I love the striped socks). Anyway, during the last ten minutes Miguel was laughing at Man City because we seemed to have a hard time getting the ball in the goal net. Of course, Roland was rooting for city too. How sweet it was when Man City scored two goals within the last five minutes or so. I didn't rub it in Miguel's face too much. But boy, oh boy, it was awesome!!

I did not seek Julie Hamill's permission to share the portion of her interview-so I'd like to thank her for doing the interviews and just hope she doesn't mind too much!


  1. Congrats on the new telly, now you can watch Morrissey in HD! Lol
    Happy Mothers Day!

  2. What strikes me from the interview is that 'everybody wants something' from Moz. I hope, if I ever get the chance to meet the man, I will remember that and try to give rather than to take!

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Girl on Bike, I could not agree more!