Monday, April 16, 2012

Moz in Ruff

Moz sporting his post-operational fashion
Apparently Moz has been crooning again.

When Roland and I came back from our stroll with Moz after dinner, our downstairs neighbor said, "Oh. Hello. Aren't you the little howler?" He said it in a nice voice  (and he said it to the dog, of course) but I was not sure if there was a bit of annoyance in his tone.

Of course, I expected Moz to have a little separation anxiety for the first few weeks he was with us, but I was kind of worried when I was told that he howls as soon as we leave for an hour or more.

I know I am being petty and perhaps biased when I say our neighbor's Yorkie barks a lot more than Moz probably howls and we at least take him for walks.

Suddenly, our part of our complex has been quite loud with small dogs. Our other downstairs neighbor has two small dogs and then next door we also have two Daschsunds who bark quite a bit.

All this barking and howling has made one of our elderly neighbors quite upset. So upset she notiified our Home Owners Association and filed a complaint. All our surrounding neighbors with dogs received a letter notifying them that if their dogs bark too much they will be fined. If it continues after being fined, a lien may be placed on their property and they will have to move out!

As of yet, we have not received such a letter.

I am hoping we don't get this dreaded letter. If we don't I am sure our neighbor's downstairs (The Yorkies) will be upset.

Since we did not get the letter perhaps we need not worry about Moz (the dog) and his howling.
Hopefully this is what Moz does while we are not home

Moz (the human)
I am very pleased to announce that I was able to purchase tickets to Morrissey's birthday gig in San Diego! Sadly, I will not be able to sing Happy Birthday whilst starring into his deep blue eyes from the front row.

Purchasing tickets was rather frustrating and I don't want to bore you with the details but suffice it to say that I ended up having to register at least three different credit/debit cards on Ticketmaster for various reasons and by the time I actually completed a transaction, there were only terrace seats available (nosebleed again).

Couldn't I have gotten just a little bit closer? Even one section closer?

I will have to fight my way somehow to the front. I may have to employ the efforts of Krystal aka @Its_Only_Me_K from Twitter. We were hoping to meet up.

Roland will be going, but you must understand that my husband is A Rule Follower!! He will not do anything like try to get closer to the stage to see Morrissey with me because it would most likely be against some rules about seats and tickets, etc.

I'll just have to tell him that I am going to get a drink or go to the loo  and then bulldoze my way through the crowd.

Luckily, he does not read my blog so he may not discover my plan. He may not know he is going to see Morrissey on his own for a portion of the concert.

Unlike my Roland, I enjoy breaking rules!!


  1. Morrissey may not read it but I do. Wearing a rose was not uncommon throughout America; the trick is to get them into the front row, or throw them on stage just before I come out for the encore.

    Just Very Softly,

    Our Mozzer

  2. The Rats Back may not read it either but I do. Get your rose to the MUST.

    Perhaps a BLUE ROSE.


  3. Where there's a Willoughby, there's a way!! Somehow a blue rose will make it to the stage.