Saturday, April 28, 2012


Me, Roland and Dolphin pillow pets at the Home Depot Center

Its about 11 PM and I can't sleep so I figure I may as well write my blog.

The Mexican people who live behind us are having a party and are blaring Ranchero music and somebody over there laughs like one of the witches from "Macbeth." Then, Moz started barking at the automatic self-cleaning cat box. Sleep is kind of a lost cause right now.

The Galaxy
We just returned from seeing a soccer game (football for everyone other than Americans). We watched the LA Galaxy play Dallas.

The highlight for me was seeing Beckham play. I know its nothing to British people and I know he isn't thought to be as good as he once was, but it was still a pleasure to see him. He nearly made a goal. Well, he made one but it didn't count.

In the end LA Galaxy drew with Dallas. Dallas was one up most of the second half and then in the last four minutes we scored. Games like that can be quite an emotional rollercoaster. But cathartic.

Smiths/Morrissey Convention
Although I have not written this blog for over a week, I have been spending time watching videos, reading tweets about Morrissey, and making plans to meet up with two new Morrissey friends who live in LA-Krystal and Jazmine.

Tomorrow is the Smiths/Morrissey Convention in Los Angeles. We are planning to meet up there. I really don't know what to expect from this event, but its exciting that I am going and I will write about it in my next blog.

Meanwhile, Morrissey is playing in Japan. A few videos have surfaced on You Tube. It's just adding to my excitment at seeing him in San Diego in several weeks.

Sunday Morning
It's now Sunday morning. I just came back from giving Moz a long walk-I think we walked for about one and a half hours. Later I am walking again in an event called The Crop Walk. My church and other churches participate in this event in order to raise awareness and funds to end hunger around the world.

After that, I will be driving to Los Angeles. 

Considering wearing a blue rose-or any rose for that matter.

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  1. Still love reading your blog, keep it going, and wear that 'Blue Rose' in San Diego.....for Moz, because he deserves our thanks.