Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mystery Moz Specs

Morrissey wearing mystery specs

I woke up Saturday morning with a pair of glasses in a glass case on my night table. It is very mysterious because we don't know where they came from. They are not my husband's because before we were married he had the same glasses that he'd been prescribed back in 1995 from on optometrist on the High Street in Newport, IOW. In fact his nephew, Ben (who is now 19 or so) had bent them completely apart when he was a toddler and I had stepped on them a few times getting out  of bed before he was ready to part with them. Those were the last pair of glasses he owned before his current pair--and they were beyond keeping.

I thought, perhaps, they were Jovanny's. When he and Miguel became part of our family a little over a year ago he had lost his prescription glasses. We always thought he'd left them at his last home or that his former caretaker (who wasn't the best) hid them or took them out of spite. But when I found these specs, I theorized that these were his long-lost glasses. 

But Jovanny said they are not his.

The only other person who wears glasses is me. And I know they aren't mine. 

The only clue is the optometrist's name and address on the glass case. It is in Corona, CA. I honestly don't know anyone from Corona.  

I know there must  be some reasonable explanation for these mysterious specs, but I can't think of one.

They look a bit like Morrissey's glasses from the 80s. Don't you think?

My unreasonable theory is that I have such vivid Morrissey dreams that, he left his glasses on my night table once my dream had ended.

He has a lot to answer for!


  1. Very curious indeed! I think you bought them and forgot about them because you are Andrea.

  2. Actually, my dear Moe, Roland took them from a school bus at an MUN event he took part in intending to give them to whichever student left them on the bus. They did not belong to anyone from our school, so they must belong to some other poor student from some other school who left them on the bus. Roland forgot where they came from! My personality must be rubbing off on him!! Hee hee.