Sunday, February 5, 2012

It Was So Lonely on a Limb

Yarmouth Pier IOW Calender

Take Me Anywhere

I have included a photo of my calendar because last night I had a virtual meeting with fellow Twitterdillians (although I just waved, really) at Yarmouth Pier to say good-bye to Mr. Rat's blog, which we really did not need to say good-bye to because he has decided to keep writing the blog anyway. We were told to wear blue roses and light candles. We did.

I then went to my kitchen and noticed our IOW calendar was still on January, so I flipped it over and there before me was Yarmouth Pier. It was kind of odd.

At last count, we have 4,659 followers on @Morrisseysworld. When I say 'we' I just mean those involved in the effort to drum up more followers. Hopefully we get to read those tour diaries soonish. 

We felt so lonely without Rat for a whole 24 hours.

Superbowl or Super Sex Education Sunday

Today is the big American football game-the Superbowl. All it means to me is food, beer and  commercials. I have a problem with sports that don't have constant action. American football has so many fits and starts, I just lose interest and I begin to eat more or drink more beer. 

Its a drag for Jovanny (15 years old) because Roland and I enrolled him in a sex education class through our church. Its not one of those churches that tells you to abstain and he isn't going to make a virginity pledge or go through some strange ceremony, etc. We are Unitarians and Unitarians are religiously not religious. We are religious enough, I suppose, not to cancel a sex education  class on the day of the Superbowl.

Anyway, its an eight week course. Honestly, I think he'll be able to tell us things we didn't know. 

He has complained a lot about it and its one of those things that a parent makes their kids do even though the kids don't really want to do it. It may be lame, it may be dorky but we can only hope that he will learn things we may miss in our little "chats." For us, the "chats" don't happen if someone doesn't ask a question. I'm not embarrassed but I am embarrassed to bring up the subject randomly.

Although Jovanny  has no interest in football either, I feel kind of guilty that while we are watching the game eating corn chips and dip and sipping our drinks, he may be looking at slides, discussing human sexuality, feeling slightly awkward perhaps.

(By the way, he has given me permission to write this as long as I drum up some sympathy for him.)

Clearly I have turned into the parent no one ever wanted to be. I never realized how lonely it would be until I got here.

I wonder if Morrissey's parents had "the chat" with him. I kind of doubt it. I imagine it was a very Catholic approach, which in my own experience, is basically no approach. Everything is bad and will make you die.

Morrissey sex quote:
“I’d like to free the world of sex stereotypes. I am interested in sex and genders. I consider myself a sort of prophet of the fourth sex. The third sex has been tried out, but it failed. I want something different. I’m bored with women and men.” 

There are better Moz quotes on the subject but without my copy of Mozopedia I am seemingly at a loss.

Before he left, Jovanny asked if he could get a soda and some snacks at the AMPM shop when they have a break. I gave him five bucks and as happy as Larry, he smiled wistfully and said, "I don't mind now."


  1. I should not say this, as I am from the land of the 'Green Bay Packers', but I agree with you about profession football having too many interruptions(for commercials). I think if they found out who I was the state could excommunicate me for that. As for the super bowl, though, my family/friends find it more entertaing to watch the commercials, sometimes they are better than the game. Actually, when we lived in Milwaukee we liked going to ice hockey games more than any other sport offered in the town, because of all the action. I couldn't make it to Mr Rat's vigil either, but unlike you, my calander has a pictue of some rock formation ij Utah. Tell your son I feel really bad for him that he had to got to sex ed on super bowl sunday.

  2. Hi Fancy. I wish Green Bay had been in the Superbowl. I at least know other people from WI besides yourself. It would have made it more interesting anyway. Too bad you could not make it to the vigil-but there in spirit I am sure. My son is happy that people feel badly for him. I am following you on Twitter now.