Saturday, January 21, 2012

Those Wonderful People Out There in the Dark

Twitterdilly Arms
I am one of "those wonderful people out there in the dark." In the darkness I found an island. It's a pub called The Twitterdilly Arms.

After all my whinging last week in my blog about being unlovable on Twitter, I received a message from a kindred spirit. On Twitter! From a Mr. Rat who writes a blog that you should read if you haven't already and if you want to read a blog that REALLY is about Morrissey. Its called Following the Mozziah: I highly recommend it. Anyway, he informed me that contrary to what I thought, my blog has been seen and perhaps read by Morrissey people.

And when I mentioned the bit about the fake Moz being so witty like the real one-he told me that it really IS him. In fact, if you read his blog from start to finish, you see that there is a strong argument for it being the real Morrissey.

Much to my surprise, MorrisseysWorld retweeted my blog last week too.

Because I don't really update people on things that are happening in the world of Morrissey, you probably don't know exactly what I am talking about. Let me explain: There is a blog called Morrisseysworld or something like it, and Morrissey has come out three times on his website claiming that it is not really him. The dreaded three times as in Simon Peter denying Jesus three times perhaps? Methinks he protests too much.

The mere fact that he has come out and thereby drawn attention to a relatively unknown blog perhaps reveals that the announcement was purposely made to draw attention to it. Again, a better, more full account is available on Mr. Rat's blog.

True to You
True to You is a neglected web magazine for fans of Morrissey. Its like a garden overgrown with weeds from 2004 or 2007. It has some great things on it, it just hasn't been updated apart from the weekly or biweekly statements Morrissey makes. Which I have to say brighten my day when they come out.

I strongly feel that so much more could be done with it.

Back to the Arms
So what do you do in a virtual pub based around Morrissey? You theorize, commiserate, listen to awesome music and videos from YouTube based around the man himself. You share with all the other people in the "pub."

So, I am still not in the quad but I am instead part of a cooler group outside of the quad. I feel pretty damn popular.

Can I even begin to tell you the divine feeling I get from communicating with other people out there who like Morrissey as much as I do or even more? I am not alone in my need to check True to You and Facebook pages dedicated to Morrissey. There are other people totally approachable who share my obsession. There are people who see what I see in him.

I'm not really so strange then.

So Low
There is an unofficial Morrissey website called Morrissey So-Lo, and you would have thought that that might be a place for the other non quad dwellers to find a home. But the few times I have been there were just a waste of time. People are not very kind to each other for various reasons. Some people have this unsaid competition about who is more the Morrissey fan than the other and then start mud slinging so to speak. Its also not monitored well so people can say unkind things about Morrissey just to infuriate another person and it gets quite ugly. A hostile environment does not suit my personality.

In contrast, the Twitterdilly Arms is friendly and warm. I mean, just think of the name. Arms. Arms hug you and welcome you. And the word Twitterdilly just sounds kind of silly. Laughter. Twittering about being silly. Nothing hostile in that.

So in between teaching classes and toting kids around I have been tweeting. Believe it or not. I know now when I wake up in the middle of the night due to insomnia, I have people. Its safe being one of the wonderful  people out here in the dark.

Friends of the Friendless
The following scene from I Love Lucy accurately depicts my feelings at discovering my awesome new group of friends.


  1. There's a pub if you'd like to go, you could find somebody's who really love you. So you go but don't stand on your own, never stand on your own and you go home and you cry but don't want to die. Welcome to The Twitterdilly Arms.

  2. Lucky I retweeted you the other day for TRB to find you! :)

  3. Aww. Girl on Bike-you are a star! And TRB-love the revision of How Soon is Now!

  4. I saw your blog on the 'Following the Mozziah blog', so I looked up your's.I only discovered Morrissey in 2007, I knew some of the Smiths's stuff from the 80's but didn't connect the dots. Any way I became an instant fan. I found MW last spring and have been following it since, even if Morrissey is not connected, it is a fun site to follow. I am older than you, but your post about the art museum reminded me of when my kids were younger. I live in Wisconsin and Milwaukee has a great art museum(with the beautiful 'Calatrava' addition)It's situated on Lake Michigan and in June they have an outdoor art festival where besides the different displays, the kids could do hands on art projects and in the fall they used to have Maritime Days on the grounds with a fair like atmosphere, but also had sailing ships you could tour and free admission to the museum. This was what I was getting to, the museum would sometimes have a paper for the kids to follow which listed things they could look for in the different exhibits i.e. dogs, or the man standing etc (they have several displays with statues/mannequin type art) This kept them entertained. Eventually it was just me and my youngest, who in high school found that he really liked art and soon any day we had off together we were off to some museum. He is a sculptor now, part time--you usually can't make money in art. He sells his art at different events and on eBay, he'll make it to order or for whatever event he sells at i.e. for he local jazz fest he has jazz related items. We laugh because he was the kid who always played with play-dough. Maybe you could find something like that for your kids when you take them to a museum or art fest. Actually our zoo and other museum also do kid related things to keep them amused. Well, this is longer than I planned, maybe I'll see you in the Twitterdilly sometime.

  5. Fancy, Thanks so much for the ideas! I think your suggestions are fantastic and I will look for things like that. I love the story about your son who became a sculptor. We have tried some hands on things with Miguel but he really does not like to engage; we keep trying! We enrolled him in a guitar class and this seems to peak his interest. It is art, although not the museum kind. To be fair, he has not had that much exposure to art since he did not grow up with us. I love reading comments, especially long ones so please feel free any time. I will look for you in the Arms!!

    1. Glad you like the ideas. My brother clicked with the guitar when he was about 13 (He's 59 now) esp after his instrutor arranged his music so he could play whatever was a hit at the time. With his 1st gig with a band, the group knew only 3 songs that they played over and over. He never hit big, but it allowed him to pick up extra money with local groups, and he still plays.Your interest doesn't has to be art. My nephew likes clainet and made jazz band in school while my grandsons (twins) are into 4H archery, and during the summer they race on a go-kart team, they didn't like band (all 3 boys are age 12). Everyone is different. The best thing is if they choose a good interest, they'll have the skill for life, they usually find friends with the same likes and keep them out of trouble when they are younger. Which I think is the best reason. But it's also good to take him places like the museum, so he learns the different things that are offered, and that art/interests comes in many different forms.