Sunday, April 10, 2011

Why Morrissey?

Good Afternoon!

I am suffering from a severe lack of sleep at the moment. For some odd reason I woke up at 3 in the morning and watched videos and read blogs and old news about Morrissey and The Smiths. I was astounded at how much fans follow his every move. I mean, I loved The Smiths and enjoyed some of Morrissey's solo material. I can't say enjoyed all of it since I haven't heard all of it and I was too busy having a life to really know about any current music. Its beyond my comprehension how fans actually look for someone like him and drive to his house or something. I would just feel so uncomfortable. On the other hand if I were somewhere and just saw him I might faint but I don't know if I would have the nerve to actually say anything to the man.

I have gotten one autograph in my life. It was Andre Agassi. He was at the mall where I worked and I was begged by a friend to get his autograph. Honestly, I just could care less so I did it. He was very pleasant. He had an entourage of these girls follwoing him and shopping with him. (This probably occurred around 1987).

Asking for the autograph of someone  whose work you really like though, is a lot harder. I imagine you'd tell yourself that it was the only time in your life you'd be able to talk to the person.

Then I got to thinking about how a person might get to meet Morrissey without turning into a complete knob and dithering idiot. Unless you are already a celebrity or some higher up in The Business, I can't imagine that you could meet him. Even if you did meet him, he'd be above you. I mean, like he would be the one with the upper hand. I am not sure if that makes sense.

So I thought that it would be fun to embrace the impossibility of meeting Morrissey. I could just write a blog about not meeting him-ever. And somehow I still survive!! I could just write about all the trivial and boring things I do and relate it-or not- to Morrissey.

Well, I am going to try and sleep while Oliver and Miguel create Lego structures. Oliver came in a minute ago and said, "You look tired!" He's right. I think its age too. Age makes you look tired. Perpetually. Make up can only do so much.

Below is a movie of a fan trying to talk to Morrissey. Notice the awkwardness.


  1. D said to tell you, for what it's worth, that he was a huge fan of Morrissey when he was in college.

    I have sleep trouble as well. I think definitely age-related.

  2. I am glad D was a fan. I hope he will enjoy my blog. I feel like I have enough interest in the topic to keep it going. At least, for now.