Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How I Dearly Wish You Were Not Here

I know in my last post I was preaching about sharing music with the youth. I meant every word, yet the past two days I have done nothing to bridge the generation gap in my own home. We drove to Los Angeles today and to Joshua Tree yesterday with no musical exchange. Let me explain. My plan was to take the kids to Amoeba Music on Sunset today to have them pick out a CD so we could all "share" once we drove back to Orange County (the Orange Curtain). Sort of my ploy to be a gentle music Nazi. But Amoeba was closed since it was too early. Enrique only has tunes downloaded on his MP3 and this does not always make it easy to share music in the car. So I just let him dwell in his "wonderful" world of Disney music for another day or two.

Although we did not end up doing what we had intended on doing, we were able to share something with the boys that they had never experienced. Oliver had. I include pictures. In case you are wondering: I do not post pictures of Enrique and Miguel (our foster children) for legal reasons. I was never told not to post photos, but I feel it is best just to be safe. 

I have to say, Miguel seemed rather bored and even said as much today. He seems more interested in time-like he may ask, "What are we doing nexr?" or "What time are we leaving?" but never asks questions of what lies before him. We were at the Griffith Observatory today and he said he was bored. I mean, even if you aren't interested in science, the view of the Hollywood sign and the city is amazing. He and probably many of his generation find it difficult to just think. To just look out a car window and contemplate is considered boring. Yet, I looked forward to it when I was young. I still do. If I am lucky I may even fall asleep bouncing along on the freeway.

Oliver Waving
With Mary Poppins


  1. This essay rings so true. my GG is the same way on any trip. he's so bored w/everything i do. generation gap? perhaps. i can't remember what i was like when i was 12. if i was bored, i certainly didn't tell my parents so.

  2. I think we were just naturally used to not having constant entertainment. I can tell you I was bored but I knew how to self-sooth so to speak.