Friday, November 28, 2014

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Me and Maya at The Moz Disco at Mal's Bar

I Just Want To Say, I Haven't Been Away
I feel like nearly EVERY post includes something about a Moz Disco or a Morrissey/Smiths Night. So in the off chance that ANYONE actually reads this blog on a regular basis, I won't say too much about the most recent ones I went to EXCEPT Conor (from the UK) was able to make it to one of them on his most recent visit to California AND I have another new friend to go to shows with. (See above picture).

Conor and I also spent time together during his visit to California at the Queen Mary. Things didn't quite turn out as planned. We were supposed to spend an evening at The Queen Mary Dark Harbor which is a Halloween related event next to the old ship on the dock. It was probably a bad idea for two people who don't like to get scared to pay money to get scared going through mazes, etc. But we ended up drinking a beer, eating some nachos, and talking while we watched OTHER people get scared. Then we managed to get aboard the Queen Mary and had another beer in the bar. It actually was a stroke of luck that we got on board as usually you have to have dinner reservations at a restaurant on board or staying in the hotel.

I attended a couple of Hooligans shows again, including one at The Lobster Fest in San Pedro and one at The Goth Beach Party with Stephanie at The Observatory in Santa Ana. Both shows were fantastic as always. And I had the added bonus of seeing Berlin play after The Hooligans played their set at the Lobster Fest. 

I'm Still Right Here Where I Always Was
Recently it was announced that The Cat and Fiddle pub (favorite Morrissey haunt) is due to close by December 15 because of some kind of rental dispute with the landlords. The plan is to relocate but it is a very special place because of its relation to Morrissey and its beautiful courtyard and fountain. Therefore there is a push to meet up there recently so our local Morrissey fans can get their fill before it closes. (See July 15 in this blog).

So One Day If You're Bored . . .
So, an added bonus to going to see The Sweet and Tender Hooligans is that you meet up with old friends and even make new ones.That's how I met my new friend, Maya. Requirements of being my friend: "not right in the head". Check. Not a "crashing bore". Check. Self deprecating and undignified at times for the sake of comedy. Check. Available to drive with me to various points of Los Angeles to partake of these Morrissey themed activities. Check. 

By All Means Call Me
A major event I am looking forward to is the Mozarmy Meet up taking place in Manchester in April 2015. Several Breakfast Champions have made plans to be there and I am including myself in the mix. What is the Mozarmy Meet Up? Its a gathering of Morrissey fans and special guests hosted by the Mozarmy founder Julie Hamil. Its just special because you can meet other dedicated fans and hang out in Manchester.

Many of the UK and Irish fans are getting a treat this week as Morrissey's tour comes to London and Dublin. Strangely, I don't feel jealous because I have had the honor over the last few years to see Morrissey here in California. 

Meanwhile, there is a Hooligans show coming up at The House of Blues on Sunset on January 3. Also, Morrissey/Smiths Night at The Echoplex on December 21. 

Even without the opportunity to see Morrissey on his European tour there is more to look forward to. Hell, what IS life but a series of boring events interspersed with milestones and then the non-boring events you can't wait to be a part of?

 Morrissey fans have this aspect figured out.

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