Monday, February 10, 2014

Oscillate Wildly (at Moz Disco with Breakfast Champions)

We Oscillated Wildly (we did)

Despite the excitement in the air that Morrissey is currently making a new album in France, your average Los Angeles area devoted Morrissey fan knows they may have quite a wait for a tour so, we occupy ourselves with our local Moz events. 

On January 25th, I attended another Moz Disco but what made this one particularly different was the fact that there were quite a few Breakfast Champions (Breakfast with the Smiths listeners) in attendance this time.

Of course, you can't escape Jose Maldonado if you are in Los Angeles and are a devoted Morrissey fan. He not only is the DJ for Breakfast with The Smiths the World of Morrissey, but he also is the lead singer for the Smiths/Morrissey tribute band, The Sweet and Tender Hooligans and he also has DJ gigs in the Los Angeles area from time to time. This particular gig he was DJing was at Mal's bar which is a downtown establishment.

I arrived a bit early because, as I've mentioned before, I live "behind the Orange Curtain" which means I live about thirty miles south of Los Angeles in a suburban land which is separated from the big city by a sea of traffic. It is always hard to estimate how long it will take to get anywhere because of this traffic. So I leave early and hope for the best. Another reason I like to arrive early is because I like to scope out the establishments, get to know the important people (the bar staff, security). before the show or dancing begins.

The first Breakfast Champion I met there was Vanessa (otherwise know as @girlracer on Twitter). I have met her a few times before so it was great to see a familiar face. I tend to occupy a wall and just watch people dance normally. I love to join in, but I am generally a bit of a loner and I don't mind so when Vanessa and I started dancing, I remarked, "I'm a bit of a wallflower."

She said, "Me too."

Now if you are a regular listener to, Breakfast with the Smiths, or if you have ever seen or met Vanessa, she is NOT what you would think of as a wallflower-unless the definition has changed. In fact, Jose often refers to her as "Va-va-vanessa" (as in Va-va-voom).

 No disrespect Vanessa, but you aren't a wallflower.
Jose and Vanessa (NOT Wallflowers)

I also danced with Ana (@cowboysandaliens). She danced the whole time-she knows how to "cut a rug" and she has a great sense of humor (which means she laughs at my jokes). A week later, at The Sweet and Tender Hooligans show, we danced and sung in the ladies' restroom. Hey, there was only one stall so we had to entertain ourselves a bit while we waited in line.

Ana, Vanessa, Me

When Rosie (Clover Dean) saw me leaning against the wall NOT dancing (probably resting my tired feet and legs), she (@MozzeriansATW) had me dance with her group of friends. I thought that was very kind of her and I felt comfortable  warning her that if I lost my balance in my heels, I might have to use her for support. She, on the other hand thought I was a bit tipsy. Everyone seemed to know her. (NOT a wallflower)
@royskeith and Clover (Rosie)

  I'm pretty sure there were more Breakfast Champions there, but these are the only ones I actually met. The thing is, I KNOW we all had a great time because we walked out the door with sore toes and hoarse throats from dancing and singing so much. I am sure we will meet up again and hopefully, I'll meet and dance with more Breakfast Champions.

And, well, maybe I'm not as much of a wallflower as I thought I was.

NOTE: Breakfast with the Smiths/The World of Morrissey airs Wednesdays at 9 AM Pacific, 5 PM UK, Fridays at midnight Pacific, 8 AM UK, and Sundays at 9 AM Pacific, 5 PM, UK) on Get the TuneInPro App and download it so that you can record the show and listen to it at your leisure-HIGHLY RECOMMENEDED!!

On Sunday, February 16 at The Echo, 1822 West Sunset Blvd., Echo Park, 90026, Jose is DJing another Morrissey/Smiths Night. Doors open at 9 PM.  

Photos courtesy of Vanessa and Rosie! Thank you!! 

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